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Meet Our Donors

Donna Walicki

A Generous Heart Provides a Future Legacy
Northeast Minneapolis-based Catholic Eldercare provides the care, housing, and services needed by older adults to continue living fully with dignity in an intentionally-created caring community.  More

Bruce Nolan

Bruce Nolan: Why I Give
When Minneapolis CPA Bruce Nolan updated his estate plans, he included a generous legacy gift to Catholic Eldercare. Bruce's mother, Ann, lived at RiverVillage for six months and later moved to the nursing home. "We were very pleased when Catholic Eldercare finally had an opening," Bruce says. More

Dick and Peggy Palen

Palen Family Honors Catholic Eldercare With Bequest Gift
When it was time to prepare their will, Dick and Peggy Palen of White Bear Lake included a bequest gift to Catholic Eldercare in their estate planning. “It is a quality place, and we’ve known [former President and CEO] Mary Broderick for many years and have a great respect for her,” says Dick, the retired President of St. Paul–based Palen/Kimball, a mechanical services company founded in 1932. More

Chuck and Sandi Sullivan

Couple Honors Catholic Eldercare with Bequest Gift
Most mornings you'll find architect Chuck Sullivan in front of his computer screen checking the markets, managing financial investments, and planning for the future. When it came time for Chuck and his wife Sandi to update their will, they included a Charitable Bequest to Catholic Eldercare. More

Grace Cavanagh

Grace Cavanagh's Northeast Legacy
The late Grace Cavanagh, who loved northeast Minneapolis, her lifelong home, has left a substantial five-figure gift to Catholic Eldercare. It is her legacy to support the final home she loved. More

Eva Hoblit

A Humble Servant, Doing Good Half a World Away
Your generous gift enables a fulfilling life for elders who call Catholic Eldercare home. Eva Hoblit lives a vital life as she approaches her ninth decade. Eva is legally blind due to macular degeneration, and she also suffers from severe arthritis. Yet, she diligently maintains a faithful calling that would seem impossible given her particular health challenges. More

Mary Rose Goetz

Goetz Family Grateful for Quality, Loving Care
Mary Rose Goetz is grateful for the high-quality care her physician husband receives as a resident. That's one reason the family financially supports the Catholic Eldercare mission. More

Angeline Guminga

Memorial Endowed Fund Established by Angeline Guminga
Angeline Guminga, a RiverVillage East resident and mother of the late Father Ted Guminga, Catholic Eldercare board member and pastor at St. Hedwig Catholic Church, has given Catholic Eldercare a significant planned gift to establish the Father Ted Guminga and Frances Guminga Memorial Endowed FundMore

Dan Dunn

Embracing a Commandment
As a physician for 35 years, I understand what it means to take care of someone—the importance of quality care, a loving environment and programs to bring a zest to living. The dedicated staff at RiverVillage provides excellent care for Mom. More

Joseph Strauss

Being Involved Is Rewarding
I have seen firsthand that Catholic Eldercare makes a difference in the lives of elders and their families. Aging is not easy, even under the best of circumstances. Where there is respect and dignity, elders can flourish and live their remaining days with grace and elegance. More

Ruth Mahlum

A One-of-a-Kind Place for Mom
My mother asked me if she could move to Catholic Eldercare to live. The move enabled Mom to live her life to the fullest and the change I witnessed in her was remarkable. More

Judy Stephenson

Loving Mom Like I Do
My mom is safe, happy, secure and well cared for. The staff is simply kind, loving and caring all of the time. More

Kathleen Buffington

Making a Difficult Time Better
I want to say thank you to all the "heroes" at Catholic Eldercare for your wonderful care, kindness, patience and sensitivity—those caring souls who I depend on and trust to meet Mom's everyday needs. More

Paula McWain Wiehle

Part of the Family
Thank you Catholic Eldercare for all you did for our parents and for our family. Mom and Dad were truly "home" at Catholic Eldercare and there was absolutely no better place for them at the end of their lives. More

Tom Glodek

Cofounder Tom Glodek Honors Parents' Legacy With Bequest Gift
For Catholic Eldercare cofounder Tom Glodek and his wife, Sandra, their decision to give a substantial charitable bequest gift to Catholic Eldercare grew out of values instilled early in life. "My parents taught us that we have an obligation to help others. You don't need to be wealthy to make a difference," Tom says. More

Dolores Sisson

Dolores Sisson's Loving Legacy
For longtime volunteer Dolores Sisson, who died in February 2010, love, friendship and faith are wonderful legacies. Several years ago, Dolores made a charitable bequest to Catholic Eldercare when she wrapped up her end-of-life planning. It was just one of many charitable acts she would perform, and her generosity continues to benefit the residents. More

Juanita Jensen

A Family's Gratitude
Juanita Jensen is extremely grateful for the quality care her mother, Sylvia Jensen, received as a Catholic Eldercare resident and client of the Adult Day program. It's been a real family affair, in fact. More

Jack and Pearl Whalen

Resident's Family Remembers Eldercare With Estate Gift
When retirees Jack and Pearl Whalen of Phoenix, Ariz., were drafting their will, they decided to include a bequest to Catholic Eldercare. "It's a significant portion of our estate, which could be quite a bit, depending on how long I live," Jack says with a smile. More